Scott Zion Baptist Church

Scott Zion Baptist Church and Cemetery’s assembly is among the largest and oldest African American congregations in Amherst County. Located about six miles northwest of Lynchburg, the Scott Zion community […]

Royster C. Parr House

At the heart of the Royster C. Parr farmstead in Amherst County is a well-preserved vernacular farmhouse constructed in 1843, to which a rear ell was added in 1860. Today […]

Amherst Baptist Church

Constructed in four phases between 1882 and 1955, the Amherst Baptist Church building is no longer owned by a church nor is it used for religious purposes. Nonetheless, it remains […]


A dignified Piedmont homestead in Amherst County, Athlone boasted a dwelling house built in two distinct phases. The earliest portion was erected ca. 1815 or earlier. The later part, a […]

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

The St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is one of six remaining churches built before 1850 in Amherst County, as well as one the few remaining historic buildings associated with the Pedlar […]

Thompson’s Mill-Amherst Mill Complex

Located in west-central Virginia, the Thompson’s Mill–Amherst Mill Complex is an excellent example of an evolved 19th- and 20th-century milling operation. The mill complex is named for one of its […]

El Bethel Methodist Church

Erected around 1930 on a natural rise, El Bethel Methodist Church in Amherst County is the second church built on the property and was constructed with materials recycled from the […]

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church was constructed around 1907 in central Amherst County on the outskirts of the former milling community of Sandidges. The Late Gothic Revival-style building features a three-story bell […]

Madison Heights School

Madison Heights School, in the Amherst County town of the same name just north of the city of Lynchburg, is a product of the Progressive Era in education, when jurisdictions […]

Elon Village Library

The first dedicated rural public lending-library building in Amherst County and possibly in Virginia, the Elon Village Library was constructed in 1917 by community volunteers, using donated materials, as a […]