Buena Vista Colored School

Buena Vista Colored School stands today as a little-altered brick building for the segregated education of African American students. One room was constructed in 1914 on land owned by First […]

W.N. Seay House

Built in 1899, the W. N. Seay House occupies a prominent position atop a small ridge that is possibly the highest elevation in the city of Buena Vista. It is […]

Buena Vista Downtown Historic District

The Buena Vista Downtown Historic District was established in 1889 at the juncture of two rail lines that were convenient to timber and mineral reserves in the Blue Ridge Mountains. […]

Glen Maury

With its naïve use of academic architectural forms and details, Glen Maury is a provincial, though visually appealing, attempt by a local builder to achieve a formal Classical Revival mansion. […]

Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse in the Buena Vista Downtown Historic District is a relic of the land boom that took place in the central part of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in 1889-91. […]

Southern Seminary Main Building

The several new towns established in the Shenandoah Valley during the land boom of 1889-91 were considered not only as prime industrial and commercial sites but choice recreational areas. The […]