Doe Creek Farm

Doe Creek Farm, located on the flanks of Salt Pond Mountain in Giles County, is a commercial apple orchard and stock farm established in 1883. The farm centers on the […]

Narrows Commercial Historic District

Located in Giles County, the Narrows Commercial Historic District arose as a result of its strategic location on the New River and major transportation routes. Originally settled in the late […]

Greater Newport Rural Historic District

The Greater Newport Rural Historic District in Giles County includes 21,000 acres of land defined by mountain ridges and beautiful valley tributaries of the New River. First settled in the […]

Walker’s Creek Presbyterian Church

Walker’s Creek Presbyterian Church is a well-preserved frame one-story Gothic Revival church completed in 1898 on Big Walker Creek in western Giles County. Parishioner and local builder George L. Bane […]

Shannon Cemetery

Shannon Cemetery is highly significant for its association with ethnic history in Giles County, and for the diversity and quality of its memorial art. The cemetery occupies two adjacent ridges […]

People’s Bank of Eggleston

The short-lived People’s Bank of Eggleston in Giles County was constructed by about 1925 and closed in 1932, a victim of the Great Depression. A modest two-story brick building resembling […]

Q.M. Pyne Store

The Q.M. Pyne Store in the Giles County village of Eggleston is a two-part commercial structure. The earlier, three-story section was constructed in 1926 by its first proprietors, Fred A. […]

Newport Historic District

Tucked in the narrow valley of Greenbriar Branch, at the base of Gap Mountain, the village of Newport in Giles County began in the 1830s as a transportation crossroads and […]

Pearisburg Historic District

Pearisburg, the county seat of Giles County, was laid out in 1806 on land donated by Col. George Pearis, an early settler. The plan established a large public square for […]