Lanesville Christadelphian Church

With its rectangular footprint, simple architectural embellishments, and large windows, Lanesville Christadelphian Church in King William County is a fine example of a vernacular rural Virginia church building from the […]


Situated on a hill overlooking countryside and the town of Aylett in King William County, Zoar is a 308-acre farmstead with a 1901 single-family dwelling, and five agricultural outbuildings dating […]

Sharon Indian School

As an example of the evolution of race-based segregated education, the Sharon Indian School served as a center of education for the Upper Mattaponi Tribe for more than 50 years. […]

King William Training School

The King William Training School was built for African Americans with the assistance of the Julius Rosenwald Fund, which provided funds and a building plan. The complex, built in 1922-23, […]


Roseville includes the 1807 main house, a 19th-century kitchen, school building, granary, and office, as well as early-20th-century agricultural buildings, and two cemeteries. The main house was built by John […]

Windsor Shades

Windsor Shades, sometimes known as Waterville, is a little-altered colonial planter’s house in King William County. Although built of wood and employing a gambrel roof, the house has much of […]


The two-story, five-bay frame house at Wyoming Farm was built in the King William County ca. 1800 for the Hoomes family. While maintaining the traditional Georgian flavor of earlier decades, […]

Seven Springs

The compact colonial dwelling of Seven Springs boasts a unique square plan with a center chimney. Despite its small size, the house is comparable in its craftsmanship and detailing to […]

Sweet Hall

Sweet Hall is the sole surviving Virginia house with upper cruck roof framing and is one of only two known cruck-roof houses in the country. Crucks—massive curved timbers providing wall […]

West Point Historic District

Strategically situated where the Pamunkey and Mattaponi rivers join to form the York River, West Point was originally the site of an Indian village and later a colonial plantation. Development […]