Coates Barn

W. E. Coates and son, John, built this cinder-block barn in 1949 on broad pastureland at the foot of Old Rag Mountain (Shenandoah National Park) in Madison County. The Coateses […]

Belle Plaine

Situated just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Madison County, the estate of Belle Plaine evolved during 250 years as it adapted to the area’s changing agricultural practices. It […]

The Homeplace

The Homeplace, located two miles north of the town of Madison, stands on land owned by the Clore family since 1744. Structures on the property date from the mid-19th to […]


Woodbourne is located in rolling Piedmont countryside, approached by a farm road leading into a sheltered creek valley just outside of the courthouse town of Madison in Madison County. The […]

Locust Hill

Locust Hill, situated amid the rolling farmland of eastern Madison County, is a well-preserved Federal- and Greek Revival–style residence associated with a school, a store, and domestic and commercial outbuildings […]

James City Historic District

The James City Historic District consists of 14 buildings that once comprised the community of James City, a small commercial center in northern Madison County. The district contains a circa […]

Graves Mill

Built into the side of a low hill at the foot of Jones Mountain, Graves Mill in Madison County includes a three-story frame gristmill, two-story frame miller’s house, and one-story […]

Hoffman Round Barn

The Hoffman Round Barn, located near Wolftown in Madison County, is a rare example of a 12-sided barn, built during a period in the early 20th century when round barns […]

Skyline Drive Historic District

Extending through eight counties, the world-famous Skyline Drive is a testament to the expanding movement for conservation, public outdoor recreation, and regional planning that became a hallmark of New Deal […]

The Residence

This compact plantation house was built ca. 1793 for William Madison, member of the Virginia House of Delegates for seven consecutive terms and brother of President James Madison. In 1793 […]