Martinsville Historic District Boundary Increase 2022

The 2022 Martinsville Historic District Boundary Increase expands the existing Martinsville Historic District, which was originally listed in 1998.  The expansion areas are primarily located to the south of the […]

Martinsville Novelty Corporation Factory

Constructed in 1929, the Martinsville Novelty Corporation Factory operated until 1995, manufacturing small items of furniture such as end tables and cabinets. At the time of its listing, the factory […]

Martinsville Historic District

The Martinsville Historic District encompasses the historic core of the city, a tobacco, furniture, and textile manufacturing center in the southern Virginia Piedmont and the seat of Henry County. Martinsville’s […]

East Church Street–Starling Avenue Historic District

The East Church Street-Starling Avenue Historic District, located along 14 blocks east of downtown Martinsville, developed as an upper middle-class residential neighborhood, originally in Henry County, during the 1890s and […]

Fayette Street Historic District

An outgrowth of segregation, Fayette Street Historic District became the heart of the Black community in the city of Martinsville from 1900 until the mid-20th century, when the civil rights […]

Dry Bridge School

The completion of the brick four-room Dry Bridge School, circa 1930, marked the end of years of effort by African Americans residing east of Martinsville in Henry County to secure […]

Scuffle Hill

Regarded as the city of Martinsville’s most impressive house, Scuffle Hill was originally built in 1905-06 for Benjamin F. Stevens, a former executive of the Liggett & Myers tobacco company. […]

John Waddey Carter House

Built in 1896, during a period of architectural gusto nationwide, the John Waddey Carter House is a textbook example of the American Queen Anne style. With its sawn ornaments, shingled […]

Little Post Office

A tiny, but finely detailed building, the Little Post Office is associated with an important period in U.S. Postal Service history: the ascendancy of the star route mail delivery system […]