Pulaski High School

Pulaski High School is located within a small residential area off US Route 11, just northeast of downtown Pulaski. This two-story Georgian Revival building was originally constructed in 1937 as […]

Calfee Training School

In 1939, with federal funding from the Public Works Administration, Pulaski County constructed the segregated Calfee Training School for the Town of Pulaski’s Black elementary school students. Significantly, the school’s […]

Claremont Elementary School

Pulaski County constructed the two-story brick Claremont Elementary School in 1952, with additions in 1953, to alleviate overcrowding in its elementary schools in conjunction with the county Board of Education’s […]

Draper Historic District

The Draper Historic District, covering 40 acres in Pulaski County, encompasses a concentration of historic resources that coalesced in the Draper Valley into a railroad depot community in the late […]

Nathaniel Burwell Harvey House

This dignified Colonial Revival house was built in 1909 for Nathaniel Burwell Harvey. Harvey employed James D. Chapman, an itinerant artisan, to embellish the entire interior with elaborate stenciled decoration. […]

St. Albans Hospital

Constructed in 1892 as two separate buildings on a bluff above the New River and the City of Radford, St. Albans Hospital in Pulaski County originally housed a well-respected private […]

Fairview District Home

The Fairview District Home is an extension of the almshouse system in Virginia, a tradition that extended back to 18th-century care for indigent or infirm adults and children. In 1908, […]

Spring Dale

Spring Dale, near Dublin in Pulaski County, is an elegant brick mansion built in 1856-1857 for David Shall McGavock, one of the county’s most prominent antebellum farmers. The house is […]

Calfee Athletic Field

Calfee Athletic Field has been a Pulaski County landmark since its construction in 1935. Although the Great Depression greatly affected Pulaski County, construction of the ballpark was made possible by […]


An outstanding late Greek Revival house built in 1874–75 for cattle dealer Francis Bell, Sr., Rockwood is notable for its functional and decorative features, including windows with iron lintels and […]