Purnell Fleetwood House

Built around 1890, the Purnell Fleetwood House is a prominent landmark in the town of Waverly in Sussex County, important for its architecture and its namesake, the “father” of Waverly. […]

Waverly Downtown Historic District

The Sussex County town of Waverly was established in 1854 on the Norfolk and Petersburg (now Norfolk Southern) Railroad. Waverly’s historic district is an unusually well-preserved depot town on the […]

Cactus Hill Archaeological Site

Cactus Hill Archaeological Site is a Native American campsite located next to the Nottoway River in Sussex County. It contains stratified and well-preserved deposits dating to the Woodland, Archaic, and […]


Glenview is a two-story frame dwelling with sections dating back to circa 1800. The house is representative of early- to mid-19th-century architecture in Virginia’s Tidewater region, reflecting the lifestyle of […]

Hunting Quarter

A classic example of traditional 18th-century plantation architecture, Hunting Quarter was built sometime after 1745, when Capt. Henry Harrison inherited the Sussex County property from his father, Benjamin Harrison of […]

Little Town

A strikingly handsome specimen of an eastern Virginia gentry homestead, Little Town was built in 1811 for James C. Bailey, the county clerk. An 1820 tax assessment gave Little Town […]

Nottoway Archaeological Site

Included in this site is a series of spatially overlapping Indian components on a terrace above the Nottoway River. Dating from the Paleo-Indian (9200 B.C.) through the Late Woodland (A.D. […]

Sussex County Court House Historic District

The tiny settlement of Sussex Court House typifies the early-19th-century Virginia county seat, consisting of a scattering of court structures with a few law offices and dwellings. The district is […]

Miles B. Carpenter House

Miles B. Carpenter, one of America’s foremost folk artists, purchased this 1890 frame house in 1912 and lived here until his death in 1985. Through his ownership of a local […]


The massive exterior-end chimney structure, complete with windowed pent closets, lends architectural potency to the late 18th-century plantation house of Chester in Sussex County. This type of chimney construction served […]