Virginia Metalcrafters Historic District

Virginia Metalcrafters had its first beginnings with the founding of the Waynesboro Stove Company in 1890 by William J. Loth. The enterprise moved in 1941 from its initial location in […]

General Electric Specialty Control Plant

The General Electric Specialty Control Plant was constructed in 1953-55, with an expansion in 1960, and covers more than 25 acres along the South River in Waynesboro. The plant, which […]

Crompton-Shenandoah Plant

The Crompton-Shenandoah Plant, in Waynesboro, covers a 40-acre site with roughly 10 acres featuring buildings that date from 1926 through the 1970s. The plant specialized in the cutting, dyeing and […]

Tree Streets Historic District

Tree Streets Historic District is a residential neighborhood south of Waynesboro’s downtown commercial center. Named for the streets—Maple, Walnut, Chestnut, etc.—that were laid out by the Waynesboro Company as part […]

Port Republic Road Historic District

Port Republic Road Historic District is Waynesboro’s principal historic African American neighborhood. The community formed after the Civil War within the framework of an early 19th-century subdivision established near the […]

Waynesboro Downtown Historic District

Waynesboro Downtown Historic District consists of the historic core of the city of Waynesboro. Platted in 1798, the downtown developed into a place of businesses and residences over the course […]

Rose Cliff

Rose Cliff is closely associated with the Tree Streets Historic District in Waynesboro. The house once stood at the center of a profitable apple orchard known as Rose Cliff Fruit […]

Plumb House

Built between 1802 and 1806 for Daniel West, the Plumb House is believed to be the only surviving early log building in the city of Waynesboro. The two-story structure originally […]

Coiner-Quesenbery House

Built in 1806, this Federal town house, one of the city’s few remaining early structures, is believed to be Waynesboro’s first brick dwelling. The Coiner-Quesenbery House’s original owner was Casper […]

Fairfax Hall

Fairfax Hall in the city of Waynesboro, originally known as the Brandon Hotel, is one of only two of the many late Victorian resort hotel buildings remaining that once dotted […]