Andrew and Sarah Fulton Farm

The Andrew and Sarah Fulton Farm is a mid-19th-century domestic and farm complex located in the Austinville area of southern Wythe County. The 38.6-acre property overlooks the New River and […]

Raven Cliff Furnace

The iron furnace complex at Raven Cliff in Wythe County included the furnace and its support facilities as well as facilities necessary to support the workers and animals who operated […]

Reed Creek Mill

The Reed Creek Mill dates to around 1902, when it was known as Stone Mill and replaced a prior Barrett’s Foundry and Mill that was built on the site in […]

Rural Retreat Depot

The circa-1870 Rural Retreat Depot in Wythe County is one of the oldest surviving railroad-related buildings in the Commonwealth and one of only three surviving railroad buildings in southwestern Virginia […]

Foster Falls Historic District

Located within New River Trail State Park in Wythe County, the 16-acre Foster Falls Historic District recalls southwest Virginia’s iron ore industry. The historic district contains much of the commercial-industrial […]

Wythe County Poorhouse Farm

The Wythe County Poorhouse Farm is the only surviving facility of its type in Wythe County. The nine-acre parcel contains the heart of Wythe County’s second poor farm, which operated […]

Sanders Farm

The Sanders Farm, located on U.S. Route 52 near Foster Falls in Wythe County, boasts a large collection of architectural resources dating from about 1880 through the mid-20th century. The […]

Grahams Forge Mill

The Grahams Forge Mill in Wythe County is one of the outstanding late-19th-century architectural gems of southwest Virginia. Although utilitarian in function, it is nevertheless a stunning site of rustic […]

St. John’s Episcopal Church

A contributing resource within the the Wytheville Historic District, St. John’s Episcopal Church is also individually listed in the registers in recognition of its importance in the Virginia Episcopal Church’s […]

McGavock Family Cemetery

Atop a hill overlooking the Fort Chiswell mansion, a former McGavock home, this family cemetery contains an exceptionally rich collection of 19th-century funerary art, including an important group of Germanic […]