Millbrook is a well-preserved example of the style of farmsteads that were once typical in Nottoway County and the Southside region during the 19th century. The ca-1840 main house features […]

Saltville Battlefields Historic District

The two battlefields on which Confederate and Union forces contested control of the Confederacy’s most important source of salt, an essential commodity, are contained in the 2,737-acre Saltville Battlefields Historic […]

Newington Archaeological Site

Newington, the birthplace and boyhood home of Carter Braxton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, contains a rare combination of archaeological and surviving landscape elements derived from this former […]

Fort C. F. Smith Historic District

Fort C. F. Smith is the best-preserved Civil War defensive fort in Arlington County. Built in 1863, it was one of several union forts that encircled Washington, D.C., during the […]

Fort Pocahontas

Fort Pocahontas, a Civil War fort on the James River, is the best-preserved site in Virginia associated with African American Federal troops in combat. The United States Colored Troops (USCT) […]

Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church

Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church was built in 1851 for an Old School Primitive Baptist congregation in Loudoun County. The church symbolizes important Baptist religious history, specifically the evolution […]

J.E.B. Stuart Birthplace

The J.E.B. Stuart Birthplace in Patrick County is associated with the early life of Confederate cavalry commander General James Ewell Brown Stuart. Described by Robert E. Lee as “my ideal […]

Jubal A. Early Homeplace

The Jubal A. Early Homeplace is located in the Blue Ridge foothills of northern Franklin County. The house is associated with Jubal Early (1816-1894), a leading general of the Confederacy […]

Buffalo Springs Historical Archeological District

The Buffalo Springs Historical Archaeological District preserves the remains of a rare Southside springs resort in Mecklenburg County, known alternatively as Buffalo Lithia Springs or Buffalo Mineral Springs. While such […]

George Lewis Seaton House

The George Lewis Seaton House is listed under the multiple property documentation form for African American Historic Resources of Alexandria. The two-story brick dwelling at 404 South Royal Street was […]