Wilkins Farm

Wilkins Farm is a late-18th-century farmstead of German immigrant origin in Shenandoah County. It was owned and developed by three different but close-knit German families. The main residence is an […]

Collins Ferry Historic District

The Collins Ferry Historic District arose on the Staunton River in Halifax County beginning in the early 1800s when William Collins established a ferry, mill, and tavern, during an era […]

Lovettsville Historic District

The Lovettsville Historic District in Loudoun County includes the town’s core and several settlement-era cemeteries and a church on its perimeter. Settled by German immigrants in the late 1700s, the […]

Clifford-New Glasgow Historic District

The Clifford-New Glasgow Historic District centers on the oldest existing settlement in Amherst County. With buildings dating from circa 1772, the district is important for its early role as a […]

East Hill Cemetery

East Hill Cemetery, established in 1857, straddles the border between Tennessee and Virginia in the city of Bristol. Originally known as City Cemetery and closely associated with the city’s early […]

High Banks

High Banks, in Frederick County, was constructed circa 1753 of local limestone by Thomas and Margaret Helm. The well-preserved two-story Georgian-style residence combines an English house plan with Germanic building […]

William Virts House

The original portion of the William Virts House was constructed circa 1798 by Virts, who immigrated with his family from Pennsylvania into western Loudoun County. This was part of a […]

Great Falls Park Historic District

The Great Falls Park Historic District, in Fairfax County, encompasses part of the Potomac Canal, an 18th-century engineering achievement spearheaded by George Washington, and recognized in 1982 as a National […]

Flint Hill Historic District

The Flint Hill Historic District is located in northern Rappahannock County. The district arose as a crossroads community beginning in the 1740s and was established in 1843 by an act […]

Mount Sidney Historic District

Mount Sidney was established in 1826, making it one of the oldest towns in Augusta County. The community that makes up the Mount Sidney Historic District originally consisted of a […]