Green Pastures Recreation Area

Initially constructed between 1938 and 1940 during the era of racial segregation, the Green Pastures Recreation Area, later known as Longdale Day Use Area and located in Alleghany County, was […]

Australia Furnace

The Australia Iron Furnace in Alleghany County is representative of the importance of the iron industry in the Valley of Virginia during the 19th century.  The history of Australia Furnace is […]

Clifton Forge Residential Historic District

The Clifton Forge Residential Historic District occupies 174 acres of this Alleghany County town’s original 1890 plat map and centers on the core concentration of housing that is associated with […]

Jefferson School

Jefferson School, completed in 1926 and expanded in 1952, provided primary and secondary education for African American students in the Alleghany County community of Clifton Forge from 1926 until 1965, […]

Rosedale Historic District

Rosedale Historic District, located west of the Jackson River and just in Alleghany County across the river from the city of Covington, takes its name from Rose Dale, the antebellum […]

Luke Mountain Historic District

The Luke Mountain Historic District in Alleghany County comprises a cluster of historic estates located on the sides and summit of Luke Mountain, overlooking the Jackson River and the city […]

Clifton Forge Commercial Historic District

Originally known as Williamson, the Alleghany County town of Clifton Forge developed in the 1850s in the narrow strip between the Jackson River and the Virginia Central Railroad tracks. The […]

Longdale Furnace Historic District

The complex of buildings, structures, and sites making up the Alleghany County village of Longdale Furnace are the tangible remains of an extensive mining and manufacturing operation. Industrial activity began […]

Massie House

In Falling Spring Valley, with a backdrop of wooded mountains, the Massie House is Alleghany County’s chief example of the Federal style, and is probably the area’s oldest formal dwelling. […]

Humpback Bridge

Humpback Bridge is the nation’s only surviving curved-span covered bridge and is the oldest covered bridge in Virginia. Although long thought to have been built in 1835, more recent research […]