Woodlawn School

Carroll County’s Woodlawn School, one of its largest and longest-operating educational institutions, served all grades for most of its history, shaping generations of county youth. The 21-acre campus saw construction of […]

Hillsville Historic District

Hillsville Historic District contains 16 historic buildings that constitute the historic block of the county seat of Carroll County. They include the 1857 Carter Building that was extensively remodeled in […]

Carter Hydraulic Rams

Carter Hydraulic Rams were installed circa 1924 by industrialist George L. Carter to supply water for his summer residence and other buildings in Hillsville, the Carroll County seat of government. […]

Dinwiddie Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

Dinwiddie Presbyterian Church is one of the six Childress rock-faced churches located in the Virginia counties of Floyd, Carroll, and Patrick, built between 1919 and the early 1950s by Presbyterian […]

Buffalo Mountain Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

Buffalo Mountain Church and Cemetery is located on the border of Carroll and Floyd counties. This was the Rev. Robert Childress’s first church after his graduation from Union Theological Seminary […]

Point Pleasant School

Point Pleasant School was built in 1911 for the local Carroll County community’s students in grades one through seven. Although its doors closed in 1948-49 when the county consolidated its […]

Carroll County Courthouse

The principal landmark of the county seat town of Hillsville and its listed historic district, the Carroll County Courthouse combines two traditional courthouse forms: the arcaded front and the porticoed […]

Snake Creek Farm

Although sparsely populated today, Carroll County was even more remote in 1910 when farmer James F. Martin built his residence in a narrow valley bordering Snake Creek. The 13-room house, […]

Sidna Allen House

This capricious, if provincial, expression of the Queen Anne style, was briefly the Carroll County home of the notorious Sidna Allen. Allen was a member of the so-called Allen Clan […]