Jackson P. Burley High School

Jackson P. Burley High School in Charlottesville, named for a local African American educator and community leader, stands on land acquired from Burley’s widow. The building represents a rare instance […]

Campbell Hall

Erected in 1970 and housing part of the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture in Charlottesville, Campbell Hall illustrates Modern Movement design principles tempered by a regional interpretation, respectful of […]

Rose Cottage (Peyton House)

Rose Cottage was listed without formal nomination documentation as part of the Charlottesville Multiple Resource Area (MRA) in 1983. Also known as the Peyton House, the property was a ca. […]

West Main Street Historic District

Charlottesville’s West Main Street Historic District straddles a primary historic route between the city’s downtown and the University of Virginia. With a collection of historically-contributing buildings constructed between 1820 and […]

North Belmont Neighborhood Historic District

Important for its association with late-19th-century suburban development adjacent to Charlottesville, the North Belmont Neighborhood Historic District covers about 75 acres located in the southeastern part of the city. The […]

Delevan Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, now known as Delevan Baptist Church, is directly related to the African American community that was growing in the eastern portion of the what is now the […]

House at Pireus

A small vernacular cottage of rectangular form, at the time of listing in the registers, the House at Pireus had a two-bay façade width and single-pile depth. Height is one […]

Paxton Place

The buildings and districts listed under the Charlottesville Multiple Resource Area nomination represent a cross section of all the city’s historic periods, from the founding of Charlottesville in the 1760s through […]

Ficklin-Crawford Cottage

Slaughter W. Ficklin purchased the Belmont Farm from the estate of John Winn in 1847 and lived there until his death in 1886. The cottage was built before 1886, but […]

McConnell-Neve House

The McConnell-Neve House in Charlottesville, near the grounds of the University of Virginia, is a fine example of the Victorian style. Its slender octagonal tower, steep roof, and irregular silhouette […]