Rose Hill

Constructed in the mid-1850s to replace a dwelling likely built for Martin Nalle before 1815, Culpeper County’s Rose Hill is an architecturally important I-house designed in the nationally popular Greek […]

Brandy Station Battlefield

Over a broad stretch of Culpeper and western Fauquier counties, Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, screening Gen. Robert E. Lee’s move to Gettysburg, fought the Union cavalry under Brig. Gen. Alfred […]

Culpeper Municipal Electric Plant and Waterworks

The Culpeper Municipal Electric Plant and Waterworks, located on the west end of Spring Street southwest of Culpeper’s downtown, is significant at the statewide level as Virginia’s first municipal electric […]

Civil War-Era National Cemeteries (MPD)

This Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPD) facilitates the individual nomination of Civil War-era cemeteries. Many contain the fine architectural examples of a prototype design of lodges that were executed in […]

Signal Hill

Signal Hill, built around 1900, was originally known as Mount Castle. The large, two-story brick farmhouse was the home of John R. Duncan, a prominent Culpeper County dairyman and horse […]

Maple Springs

Maple Springs is a rare surviving example of an early yeoman Piedmont farm and is located in Culpeper County. Important for its relatively unchanged condition, the building consists of three […]

Croftburn Farm

Croftburn Farm, known as Mount Pony Farm during the late 19th century and as Grasslands during the 1930s and 1940s, is an unusually intact example of a small agricultural complex […]

Eckington School

Eckington School, located in southern Culpeper County, is the county’s only surviving one-room public school for African American children in its original location and preserving its original appearance. Taking its […]