Belvidere is a surviving late-18th-century example of residential architecture in Goochland County. Built around 1790, the house incorporates an unusual variation of the regionally recognized three-room house plan with an […]

Rochambeau Farm

Rochambeau Farm, located in the vicinity of Manakin-Sabot in eastern Goochland County, illustrates the architectural evolution of an antebellum Piedmont farm into the 20th century. Its principal dwelling, built in […]

Jackson Blacksmith Shop

The Jackson Blacksmith Shop is the last blacksmith’s shop surviving in still predominately rural Goochland County. It represents three generations of an African American family’s blacksmithing tradition in the county […]

Ben Dover

Built in 1853 by William B. Standard, the original house at Ben Dover, located in Goochland County, is most associated with architect Richard Upjohn. Ben Dover’s most notable inhabitant, William […]


Tanglewood, a popular restaurant and meeting place, ranks as one of the best remaining examples of Rustic Style vernacular architecture in Virginia. The earliest section, the front one-story projection, was […]

The Oaks

The Oaks, the seat of the Richardson/Bowles family for nearly 200 years, features a substantial brick house begun about 1800 and finished in 1830. It has fine vernacular woodwork that […]

Dover Slave Quarter Complex

The Dover Slave Quarter Complex in Goochland County is one of Virginia’s few surviving groupings of slave quarters. The five-building complex was erected after 1843 when Ellen Bruce, who owned […]

Byrd Presbyterian Church

In its unspoiled setting in Goochland County, Byrd Presbyterian Church is a notable example of the simple churches built across Virginia in the 19th century. It is unusual in the […]


Springdale, dating from the early 19th century, is a brick farmhouse with a modern frame addition in Goochland County. The simplicity of its original decorative details supports the tradition that […]

Mount Bernard Complex

The main house of the Mount Bernard Complex, built circa 1850, is a fine example of antebellum domestic architecture and progressive Classical Revival updates. The entire complex is significant as […]