Roseland Manor

Overlooking Hampton Roads, Roseland Manor was a salient example of a Chateauesque, Queen Anne-style mansion. Because it was suffering the hardships of Reconstruction, Virginia saw few displays of conspicuous consumption […]

Civil War-Era National Cemeteries (MPD)

This Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPD) facilitates the individual nomination of Civil War-era cemeteries. Many contain the fine architectural examples of a prototype design of lodges that were executed in […]

Fort Monroe: Quarters #1

Fort Monroe‘s Quarters 1, built in 1819 before the completion of the fortification walls, was the first permanent structure erected by the Army at the fort. The Federal-style building was […]

Fort Monroe: Quarters #17

Constructed in 1823, Quarters 17 was constructed as multiple quarters for junior officers, and is one of two identical four-family brick officer’s quarters at Fort Monroe known as the Tuileries. […]

Light Stations of the United States MPD

This Multiple Property Documentation (MPD) Form facilitates the nomination to the registers of light stations in the United States. Today nearly 250 lighthouses in the United States are accessible to […]

Hampton National Guard Armory

The Hampton National Guard Armory, built in 1936 with federal funds from the Works Progress Administration (WPA), is one of only two extant armories in Hampton Roads that dates from […]

NASA Langley Research Center Historic District

Established in 1917, during World War I, originally as the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory and the nation’s first civilian aeronautics laboratory, the NASA Langley Research Center in the city of […]

Hampton Downtown Historic District

The Hampton Downtown Historic District has been an active port on the Chesapeake Bay since the end of the 17th century. The colonial assembly ordered that a port be built […]

Fort Monroe: Chapel of the Centurion

The Chapel of the Centurion, located at Fort Monroe in the city of Hampton, was the Army’s oldest wooden structure in continuous use for religious services at the time of […]

Scott House

The Scott House was built in 1889 in the city of Hampton by the Scott family. William Scott served for many years as a harbor pilot and later an entertainment […]