Chatsworth School

The Chatsworth School is a one-room schoolhouse located in Antioch, an African American community in the Varina District of Henrico County. Built ca. 1916, the school provided education to African […]

Sandston Historic District

The Sandston Historic District in Henrico County (located southeast of the city of Richmond) consists of 226 acres of one- to two-story single-family dwellings, churches, a small number of commercial […]

Dabbs House

The Dabbs House in Henrico County has had a multi-use history. It began in 1820 as a two-story, three-bay, side- gable, side-passage-plan farmhouse (pictured above) known as High Meadow. During […]

Highland Springs Historic District

The Highland Springs Historic District, in eastern Henrico County, arose as an electric streetcar suburb that began in 1890 when Edmund S. Read of Massachusetts purchased land to create a […]

Civil War-Era National Cemeteries (MPD)

This Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPD) facilitates the individual nomination of Civil War-era cemeteries. Many contain the fine architectural examples of a prototype design of lodges that were executed in […]

Markel Building

The Markel Building, a distinctive Richmond area landmark, is also one of the most unusual office buildings in Virginia. Designed in Neo-Expressionist style, the Henrico County office building was commissioned […]

Farmer’s Rest

Farmer’s Rest, a rural Greek Revival house, was built ca. 1835 in Henrico County by the prominent and wealthy landowner, Henry Cox. The house features a transverse-front-hall plan and two […]

James River Steam Brewery Cellars

The James River Steam Brewery Cellars are the sole surviving remnant of the James River Steam Brewery, which operated from 1866 to 1879. Built shortly before the advent of mechanical […]

Curles Neck Farm

Curles Neck Farm, in Henrico County, is situated at the heart of the James River’s Curles Neck peninsula, one of the earliest European-settled sites in Virginia. The farm’s legacy extends […]