Greenfield in Lancaster County is important as an evolved antebellum house that always figured as the domestic core of a surrounding Tidewater farm. The earliest portion of the house dates […]

Grace Episcopal Church

The Grace Episcopal Church property in Lancaster County’s town of Kilmarnock features two buildings: a Gothic Revival chapel, which was the original Grace Church, built in 1852, and a larger […]

The Village of Morattico Historic District

The Morattico Historic District is a rare surviving example of a Northern Neck village that relied on a water-based economy from its perch along the lower Rappahannock River in Lancaster […]

Irvington Historic District

Irvington Historic District in Lancaster County is significant as an early-19th to mid-20th century residential and commercial community that flourished because of its location along major transportation tributaries of the […]

Miss Ann

Miss Ann was built by Pusey & Jones Shipyard of Wilmington, Delaware, in 1926 as the pleasure yacht Siele for John French of Detroit. In 1941, a subsequent owner sold […]


The persistent influence of standard Georgian forms on the mid-19th-century farm houses of eastern Virginia is clearly demonstrated at Locustville, which acquired its present appearance ca. 1855 either through a […]


The area around the present settlement of Millenbeck in Lancaster County, on the Corotoman River, a tributary of the Rappahannock, contains several colonial archaeological sites. A fort, known as the […]

Pop Castle

On the shores of the Rappahannock in Lancaster County, the substantial weatherboarded house of Pop Castle was built in 1855 for James Gresham and his wife Ann Armstrong Gresham on […]

St. Mary’s Whitechapel

The vicissitudes suffered by Virginia’s Anglican church are expressed in the fabric of this colonial house of worship in Lancaster County. St. Mary’s Whitechapel was named for the London suburb […]


This visually engaging brick plantation house of Verville is one of a handful of colonial buildings remaining in Lancaster County. While its form is typical of the 18th-century Chesapeake area, […]