Tazewell Historic District (Boundary Increase)

The Tazewell Historic District, located in the heart of the Tazewell County seat, was originally listed in 2001 and encompassed an area of 67 acres, containing two long downtown blocks […]


Clynchdale is the center of a sprawling farm located in southern Tazewell County, at the base of Clinch Mountain, on the waters of the South Fork of Clinch River. It […]

Tazewell Depot

The Tazewell Depot in North Tazewell is important for its association with the Norfolk & Western Railway (later Norfolk Southern), a driving economic force in the region and in Tazewell […]

Tazewell Avenue Historic District

Tazewell Avenue Historic District arose primarily as a residential area, with some attendant commercial development, along the western side of the Clinch River during the first half of the 20th […]

Walter McDonald Sanders House

The Walter McDonald Sanders House is situated on College Avenue, formerly the Cumberland-Fincastle Turnpike, in the town of Bluefield. It is a large, fashionable, brick Queen Anne-style house, completed in […]

Tazewell Historic District

Tazewell Historic District contains residential, commercial, and government buildings that primarily date from about 1880 to 1930. The district encompasses most of the historic town boundaries of the Tazewell County […]

Captain James Moore Homestead

The Captain James Moore Homestead archaeological site is located in Abbs Valley in Tazewell County, and is associated with the earliest European American frontier settlement of the area, begun in […]

Richlands Historic District

The Richlands Historic District contains the residential and commercial buildings associated with this period of this Tazewell County town’s development, including Late Victorian, Craftsman, Gothic Revival, Colonial Revival, and Commercial […]

Williams House

The Williams House of 1890 was one of the first buildings constructed in the Tazewell County town of Richlands and originally served as the main office of the investment group […]

James Wynn House

Built around 1828, the brick I-house is a document of the architectural requirements of one of Tazewell County’s most outstanding citizens James Wynn. While seemingly plain, it was, compared to […]