Boude-Deaver House

The Boude-Deaver House in the Lexington Historic District is a sophisticated Gothic Revival house with many noteworthy features. The two-story brick house was built for Rockbridge County Clerk John C. […]

Jordan’s Point Historic District

Lexington’s Jordan’s Point Historic District is tied to the story of the city’s industrial and transportation history during the 19th and early-20th centuries. The partnership of John Jordan and John […]

Reid-White-Philbin House

Reid-White-Philbin House was constructed in 1821 for Samuel McDowell Reid, clerk of the Rockbridge County Court in Lexington, and the trustee of Washington College responsible for transformation of the central […]


Blandome began in 1830 as a Federal-style house built for J.T.L. Preston, a central figure in the creation of the Virginia Military Institute. Preston later added some fashionable Greek Revival […]

Lylburn Downing School

Lylburn Downing School was completed in 1927 and expanded in 1940 to provide primary and secondary school education for Lexington’s African American community. Lexington blacks formed a Home and School […]

Lexington & Covington Turnpike Toll House

The Lexington & Covington Turnpike Toll House occupies a small lot at the intersection of Lime Kiln and Enfield roads, both of which once formed part of the course of […]

First Baptist Church

With its two towers—one topped by a spire—defining Lexington’s skyline, First Baptist Church, originally known as Lexington African Baptist Church, is one of the downtown’s most visible historic buildings. Constructed […]

Washington and Lee University Historic District

The historic heart of Washington and Lee University, located in the Lexington Historic District, is an architecturally harmonious complex of buildings forming one of the nation’s most dignified and beautiful […]

Alexander-Withrow House

An enduring landmark in the downtown heart of the Lexington Historic District, the Alexander-Withrow House is set apart from its neighbors by its corner chimneys and diaper-pattern brickwork decoration. Corner […]

Mulberry Hill

The much-evolved Mulberry Hill, one of the several historic houses dotting the hills around Lexington, illustrates changes in local architectural taste over a hundred-year period. The house grew from a […]