Louisa High School

The Louisa High School, constructed in 1924, replaced a 1907 school destroyed by fire. Constructed of stone, the Louisa High School building was designed by Charles M. Robinson, architect for […]


Bloomington, an antebellum farmhouse, is linked to the politically prominent Johnson family. The dwelling evolved to its present form between about 1790 and 1900 and is important because it is […]


Longwood is a large Louisa County plantation house built in 1859 by lawyer George Loyall Gordon. The similarity of the house to the Exchange Hotel in the nearby Orange County […]

Harris-Poindexter House and Store

Harris-Poindexter House and Store are representative of typical agricultural complexes that once provided the economic basis of rural counties. In design and function, the tavern-store is characteristic of the commercial […]

Mineral Historic District

The Mineral Historic District defines that part of the Louisa County town of Mineral that initially arose in response to local mining. Named for the area’s mineral deposits, the town […]

Duke House

The Duke House is a fine example of a well-built, late-18th-century rural dwelling that is now rare. Built about 1792, the one-and-a-half-story house features handsome interior woodwork, including a full-height […]

Boxley Place

The current appearance of the Boxley Place is that of a brick Colonial Revival-style house, dominated by a monumental entrance portico with Ionic and Tuscan columns, and featuring large side […]

Shady Grove School

The Shady Grove School was completed in 1925 using money from the Julius Rosenwald Fund, which sought to provide better educational facilities for African Americans, and relying heavily on the […]

Baker-Strickler House

The ca. 1856 Baker-Strickler House, a notable example of Greek Revival-style architecture in Louisa County, retains much of its original building material in good condition. The interior shows how local […]


Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a prosperous agrarian republic with landowners occupying modest but sophisticated classical villas is given tangible expression at Westend, one of the landmarks of the Green Springs […]