Old Manse

Old Manse is a landmark house in the Orange County town of Orange, built in the Greek Revival style in 1868 for the Reverend Isaac W.K. Handy, pastor of the […]

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Orange County’s Mount Calvary Baptist Church was built in 1892 during the era of segregation, but its founding congregation dates back decades earlier to the years just after the Civil […]

Mount Sharon

In Orange County, the 77-acre Mount Sharon property features a restrained Georgian Revival-style country house designed by noted 20th-century New York architect Louis Bancel LaFarge. LaFarge’s mastery of Georgian Revival […]

Orange Commercial Historic District

Orange Commercial Historic District, located in the heart of the town, contains the community’s oldest public, religious, and commercial buildings. Serving as the county seat of Orange County since 1749, […]


Lessland, located in north-central Orange County, is an excellent example of a post-bellum Italianate plantation house. Constructed in 1871 for Joseph J. Halsey, a locally prominent lawyer, the house replaced […]


Grelen is a formal, high-style Georgian Revival house designed by Walter Dabney Blair in 1935, with gardens by Arthur A Shurcliff, chief landscape architect for Colonial Williamsburg. Built for Will […]

Rebel Hall

Rebel Hall was built about 1848 for Dr. James H. Minor, a prominent surgeon and farmer in the Town of Orange. The two-story brick house is one of a handful […]


Rockwood, situated on a knoll overlooking the Southwest Mountains in central Orange County, is a two-and-a-half-story frame and unpainted weatherboard dwelling set over a brick English basement. Built around 1848 […]

Orange High School

Orange High School, the first public school in the town of Orange, opened its doors to elementary, middle, and high school students in 1911. A good example of the work […]


The persistence of traditional plantation architecture and layout that lingered in rural areas of Virginia following the Civil War is embodied in Williston. The house and its ancillary structures were […]