Rotherwood is an early 19th century agricultural estate and former plantation located in rural Southampton County, west of the town of Capron.  The property is accessed via long, tree-lined dirt […]

The Nottoway of Virginia, c. 1650-c. 1953 MPD

This Multiple Property Documentation (MPD) Form for the Nottoway will facilitate the listing in the registers of future nominations of Nottoway-affiliated sites. The Nottoway MPD recognizes the Nottoway as indigenous […]

Millie Woodson-Turner Home Site

The 1.8-acre Millie Woodson-Turner Home Site is located near the communities of Capron and Courtland in Southampton County. A farmstead occupied by Nottoway tribal members from around 1852 to 1953, the […]

Courtland Historic District

Beginning as a cluster of courthouse buildings in 1752 along the north side of the Nottoway River, the Courtland Historic District is the seat of Southampton County. Originally known as […]

Courtland School

Courtland School in the town of Courtland, the Southampton County seat, served African American students from around 1928, the year of the school’s construction, through 1963, when it closed. The […]

Rochelle-Prince House

The Rochelle-Prince House was constructed around 1814 in Courtland. The house was the one-time residence of James Henry Rochelle, who had a noteworthy career as a naval officer during the […]

Sebrell Rural Historic District

The Sebrell Rural Historic District contains the remnants of Barn Tavern, which gave rise in the 18th and 19th centuries to a community of the same name. The village of […]

Aspen Lawn

Aspen Lawn occupies a large portion of its original tract in rural western Southampton County. The frame house was begun around 1798 and the first-floor interiors feature Federal detailing. Tax […]

William H. Vincent House

William H. Vincent constructed the Vincent House in 1889 as the first dwelling on Main Street in the newly formed Southampton County town of Capron. The same family, influencing the […]

Simmons-Sebrell-Camp House

The Simmons-Sebrell-Camp House is a two-story Italianate farmhouse constructed circa 1770 and expanded to its current size in 1858. The exterior of the house features full height casement windows with […]