Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery

Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church and its cemetery were founded in 1870 in Stafford County by formerly enslaved African Americans under the auspices of a benevolent organization working with the Freedmen’s […]

Stafford Training School

The Stafford Training School was built in 1939 during the Great Depression by the Public Works Administration after local African American citizens formed a “county league” to donate money to […]

Quantico Marine Corps Base Historic District

Quantico Marine Corps Base includes 239 buildings, sites, and objects that contribute to the architectural and historical significance of this important military facility, which encompasses portions of Prince William and […]

Conway House

The Conway House at 305 King Street in the Falmouth Historic District is a Federal-style brick residence built in 1807 for wealthy merchant and mill owner James Vass near the […]

Public Quarry at Government Island

Government Island lies in Aquia Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River, in northern Stafford County. Located on this 17-acre island are five known quarry sites and the remnants of […]

Advanced Courthouse Road Redoubt

The Advanced Courthouse Road Redoubt was one of four Federal defensive fortifications constructed in early 1863 to protect the approaches to the Union supply depot at Aquia Creek Landing. It […]

Hartwood Manor

Julia and Ariel Foote constructed Hartwood Manor in 1848, and it survives today as one of only two Gothic Revival residences in Stafford County. The two-story brick house features many […]

Second Tennessee Volunteers Camp

The Second Tennessee Volunteers Camp, in Stafford County, was the location of a winter Confederate States Army camp from September 1861 through February 1862. The archaeological remains of dugout huts […]

Union Church and Cemetery

The approximate three-acre property containing Union Church and Cemetery in the Falmouth Historic District, includes the surviving narthex of the brick ca. 1819 Union Church, the remaining vestige of the […]

Hartwood Presbyterian Church

An austere example of country Greek Revival architecture, the Hartwood Presbyterian Church and its predecessor, known as the Hartwood Chapel or Yellow Chapel, were long important landmarks on the Marsh […]