Carillon Neighborhood Historic District

Taking its name from a nearby landmark bell tower, the Virginia War Memorial Carillon, Richmond’s Carillon Neighborhood Historic District comprises approximately 148 acres and 499 contributing historic resources including two […]

Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery

Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial is the sole monument of its type and size in Virginia to honor and remember the victims of the Holocaust from 1933-1945. Erected in 1955 by […]

Monument Avenue Historic District

The Monument Avenue Historic District is a 14-block section of Monument Avenue and West Franklin Street. Proposed in 1887 to provide an appropriate setting for a major monument to Robert […]

Patrick County Courthouse

The principal landmark of the village of Stuart, and centerpiece of the Stuart Uptown Historic District, the Patrick County Courthouse has served as the focal point of its southern Piedmont […]

Mauck’s Meeting House

The Mauck’s Meeting House congregation was organized ca. 1772 by John Koontz and consisted of both Mennonites and Baptists, dissenters who played an influential role in the early society of […]

Fort Philip Long

Exuding an air of great antiquity, this snug dwelling is among the rare surviving early Shenandoah Valley stone houses erected by Virginia’s German settlers. Placed on the edge of a […]