Exchange Hotel

This landmark in the Orange County town of Gordonsville is a forerunner of the large railroad hotels that played an important role in the transportation history of late-19th- and early-20th-century […]

Custis Tombs

The monument marking the grave of John Custis IV is one of Virginia’s most ambitious examples of colonial funerary art. The elaborately carved pyramidal-topped marble block is decorated with the […]

Middleburg Historic District

The physical and psychological heart of Northern Virginia’s hunt country, Middleburg is a compact and fastidious village retaining the qualities of its early years. Founded in 1787 by Leven Powell, […]

Bluemont Historic District

The settlement of Bluemont on the slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains was first known as Snickers Gap, after the Snickers family. By 1824 it was incorporated as Snickersville, prospering […]

Rendezvous Docking Simulator

One of the most significant ground-based artifacts in space exploration history, this facility enabled NASA’s Gemini and Apollo astronauts to practice space rendezvous procedures that they had to master before […]

Variable Density Tunnel

Called the VDT, the Variable Density Tunnel is considered the most significant of NASA Langley Research Center‘s ground-based historic properties. Spurred by the European supremacy in aircraft design, a 1915 […]

Lunar Landing Research Facility

This simulator facility, constructed in 1965 on the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, was used by Apollo astronauts to practice final descent and touchdown for moon landings. The airy […]

The Pentagon

One of the world’s most famous buildings, The Pentagon, alongside the Potomac River in Arlington County, has become the symbol of U. S. military might and America’s position as a […]

Persinger House

One of the earliest of Alleghany County’s pioneer dwellings, this house was built by Jacob Persinger, member of a settler family. Persinger as a child was captured by a group […]